Nakamachi386, Narita, Chiba, Japan, 286-0027 TEL  :+81 - 476 - 22 - 2711 Open:10am to 5pm everyday

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About Unagi【eel】

Eel( Unagi in Japanese) is said to be a stamina-giving food.
There are a lot of vitamins in an eel. In Japanese culture, people eat eel in order to recover from fatigue.
KAWATOYO is long standing store more than 100 years as a store specialized in eel-food.  We serve you traditional eel food.


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Please consume our To-go item within 12hours.

Access & Store information

Kawatoyo Honten

■Access to store

By Train
11 minutes by walking from JR Narita station
11 minutes by walking from Keisei Narita station

By Car
8.3km from Narita International Airport ( about 20 minutes)
3km from Aeon Mall Narita (about 10 minutes)
2.5km from Mega Don Quixote (about 8 minutes)

■Store Information

Nakamachi386, Narita, Chiba, Japan, 286-0027
10am to 5pm(last order)
Cash only (credit cards not accepted)
Sorry no parking

■Please note that all seats are non-smoking.

■Please note that, during busy times, we may need to ask you share a table with other customers.

Store Appearance & Interior

Store History

■The oldest unagi restaurant in Narita, with over 100 years since 1910.

Narita is home to Lake Inbanuma, the Tone River, and Naganuma. It is a place where once upon a time people could catch freshwater fish, such as eel and carp. 
In 1910, our restaurant started catching freshwater fish and selling it wholesale near the approach to Naritasan Temple. We also started selling kabayaki (grilled eel marinated in sweet soy sauce), and offering food and drink to our customers. Even within the world of Japanese cuisine, unagi dishes are said to be so difficult that it can take a lifetime to learn all the necessary skills to prepare them.
Kawatoyo chefs did their best to polish their skills in unagi cuisine, and passed on their unagi cooking skills to chefs of other restaurants near Naritasan Temple.
They contributed to the diffusion of unagi cuisine, and helped it to become a local specialty dish in Narita.

Secret of our Eel Cooking

■The skilled eyes of highly-experienced chefs identifies good quality eels

Our restaurant started out as an eel wholesaler. As a wholesaler, we have inspected a large number of eels over the years, thereby developing highly-skilled eyes capable of detecting good quality specimens. We use our highly-skilled eyes to carefully select the best quality eels for each season to be offered to our customers.

■Freshly cut, freshly steamed, and freshly grilled eel

Under the guidance of the head chef, highly-skilled chefs with many years of experience cook eels right in front of our customers. Customers can see how fresh our eels are. So, they can enjoy great freshness and fantastic flavors of eels.

■Since the establishment of our restaurant, we keep protecting the taste of our "secret sauce".

The sauce is basted onto the kabayaki over and over again, making it blend itself with the juices from the eel, creating unique, smooth flavors with great depth.

■Cooking utensils to support our highly skilled chefs

The large wooden board in our restaurant counter is one single plank of wood made from a huge gingko tree. On this board, a large number of eels are prepared and skewered; and the damaged surface is shaved off every year. This board has represented the "Face of Kawatoyo" for many years.

Question & Answer



Can I make a reservation?


We are very sorry, but we are unable to accept reservations at our restaurant.
We allocate seats on a first-come first-served basis.
(Please note that, during busy periods, you may need to wait for a long time to get a seat. However, we may also hand out numbered tickets to our customers.)

If you would like to make a reservation as a group, we recommend that you use the Kawatoyo Bekkan(+81-476-22-2727),our sister store, which is able to cater for banquets and private parties.

Numbering ticket for Waiting


How do I get the numbering ticket when store is crowded.


During busy times, we hand out numbered tickets to customers wishing to eat at our restaurant.
*Numbered tickets are not seat reservations. They simply set the order in which you arrived at the restaurant.

【How to use the numbered tickets】
【1】Obtain a numbered ticket from the machine at the restaurant counter.
【2】The number that is currently being called is displayed both on the monitor located by the restaurant counter and on our website. There is no need for you stand in a queue while you wait to be called. You may leave the restaurant to visit tourist sites, go shopping, etc.

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Sister store Information

Kawatoyo Bekkan

■Access to store

By Train
15 minutes walking from JR Narita Station
10 minutes walking from Keisei Narita Station

■Store Information

Azuma-cho, Narita, Chiba, Japan 286-0025

11am to 2:30pm(Last order)

4:30pm to 8:30pm(Last order)



Cash only (credit cards not accepted)
20 cars (No space available for buses)

Japanese garden which shows beautiful
expression in each season

Large banquet hall


Private rooms

Special rooms